An holistic preparation program
for preconception, pregnancy,
birth & breastfeeding

Maternal Instincts

About Maternal Instincts - Help with natural and beautiful births

About Maternal Instincts

As sisters working in birth, we have witnessed the struggle so many women endure in having their babies. We have developed Maternal Instincts for all those women out there who aspire to have beautiful births

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Swimming in pregnancy - get weight off your joints, get your baby into the right position for birth


Various influences in today's society such as the medicalisation of birth, delaying pregnancy, fertility treatments and a shift in promoting a woman's own maternal instincts have dramatically influenced our birthing outcomes.


Our program is run as a series of appointments with the full schedule covered over 7 visits. Our program schedule can be purchased as a Full Program Series or a Mini Program Series. Alternatively, you can choose which sessions appeal to you and purchase them individually.

Please see our schedule, which outlines our full program content, listing what information is covered in each session.


We are proud to be a part of many different Media opportunities. Go to our Media page to see our recent advertising or promotion work through various different ventures.


The Maternal Instincts blog is written by our midwife Amberley Harris. Become a fan on our Facebook page to receive weekly notification of our new blogs. Topics covered are all things of interest to women planning, having or who have had a baby!

Amber Harris and Holly Edgar


View profiles for Amberley Harris and Holly Edgar.

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