Mum’s the word

For the last 15+ years I have had hair flowing all the way down to my natal cleft (that’s fancy speak for butt crack). Haha! I can’t believe I just used the term butt crack here on my blog. Forgive me :-) Anyway, back to my cascading locks. After creating a tiny human last year my hair started to fall out. Badly. Continue reading

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A welcome distraction

Breastfeeding is one of my absolute favourite past times – a moment in my day for calm and connection with my bubba. However there did come a time in recent months when my little man’s cute chubby hands ceased being gentle and delicate to the touch, and evolved in to something at the entire other end of the spectrum. While Little Duke waited for my milk let down he started to pound my chest, pinch the skin on the back of my arms or rams his fingers in my mouth. Yep I know, hardly an experience of calm and connection. Anyone relate?! Continue reading

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My sisters sisterhood tribe

The evening of January 18th was a great night for me because I had the pleasure of hosting Holly’s Blessingway. A beautiful group of women were invited and all played a role in creating a very relaxed, warm and friendly vibe for the occasion. Continue reading

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A bum steer

Over these past few weeks, each time I catch up with my sister, I spend it with my hands on her rear! It may sound comical, but it’s absolutely true!! The same was true in the final weeks of her first pregnancy with Little Fish, where I kneaded the kinks out of her third trimester self (namely her rump), on a regular basis. So what exactly am I doing? Continue reading

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The Milky Way

The first few days of Little Duke’s life were spent nestled cosily under the bed covers in just a nappy, blissfully content, against my bare toasty chest. One positive of being cooped up in hospital after a surgical birth is that you have no other place to be than resting and bonding with your baby.  Continue reading

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